The Power of Diversified Strategies Makes it Possible to Stay 100% Invested for Higher Returns with Less Risk.

Use The Best Investment Strategies.

Investment strategies: NSP-41 Strategy vs. the S&P 500 We use Investment Strategies by Nirvana Systems that have proven their ability to make money, like the highly-acclaimed NSP-41 Strategy, which has consistently beat the market every year since 2000. To the right is a simulated Equity Curve produced by this Investment Strategy, showing a $100,000 account growing to over $1.3 Million in ten years.

This is just ONE of the many Best Investment Strategies used in OmniVest. We also provide other valuable Investment Strategies, including our acclaimed RTM7 and T3 Investment Strategy Suite. As great as each Investment Strategy is on its own, it is the combination of these Investment Strategies that is so powerful.

Real Results - Our Top Investment Strategies This Year!

Recent Results. Prior:
StrategyAnnualized ReturnAccuracyAverage % InvestedMax Draw Down
R8-L-ELS10024.4 %73.9 %37.8 %8.1 %
R15-B-ELS20.8 %75.8 %28.0 %2.5 %
R16-L-ELS20.4 %76.6 %24.3 %2.5 %
R5-B-ELS10016.6 %68.9 %56.7 %6.6 %
T1-L-KIPP*15.8 %73.9 %71.0 %3.5 %
T1-L-IG0315.0 %77.8 %69.4 %5.9 %
R8-L-R1K214.2 %76.8 %29.0 %4.5 %

Strategy Combinations:
StrategyAnnualized ReturnAccuracyAverage % InvestedMax Draw Down
1 Strategies24.4 %73.9 %37.8 %8.1 %
2 Strategies38.1 %74.8 %39.7 %8.2 %
3 Strategies51.5 %77.0 %45.7 %5.3 %
4 Strategies59.7 %76.2 %52.7 %6.4 %
5 Strategies65.0 %76.2 %56.2 %5.9 %

Portfolio Diversification

Diversified Investment strategies Lead to long-term investment profits

There’s an old saying, “Don’t put all your eggs in one basket.” Most investors know they shouldn’t put their entire account into a single stock - not even a popular stock like AAPL. It’s important to hold multiple stocks and ETFs spread across multiple industries.

OmniVest goes one step further by providing Strategy diversification. Different Strategies take advantage of different market conditions. OmniVest trades many Strategies at the same time using a Portfolio of Strategies, selecting Signals on different Stocks and ETFs from each one.

Stay Invested

The final critical ingredient for enhanced returns is STAYING INVESTED. Using Portfolio Diversification, OmniVest is able to maintain 100% or even 200% investment which can compound gains at a remarkable rate. Let's see how this works...

Below is an Equity Curve, showing the growth of a simulated account, based on ONE OmniVest Strategy.  This single Strategy grew a $100,000 account to $200,000 over 5 years, generating a compounded rate of return (CAR) of 15% - not a bad outcome. 

Equity Curve shows strength of Omnivest Investment Strategies
One Strategy grows an account from $100k to over $200k in 5 years

The following Equity Curve is based on 10 OmniVest Strategies. The % Invested area shows nearly full investment of capital maintained in the Account.  This makes all the difference! By staying fully-invested, $100,000 grows to $1.1 Million over the same amount of time, generating a Compounded Annual Return of 60%.**

Equity Curve shows strong growth of Omnivest Investment Strategies
A Portfolio of 10 Strategies grows from $100k to $1.1 Million in 5 years

The combination of these factors - great Signals, a high level of Diversification, and Compound Gains is what makes this kind of growth possible. 

OmniVest Makes it Easy AND Cost-Effective.

It’s almost impossible for individual investors to stay invested because of the research required. Even Active Traders find it difficult to stay involved in the market 100% of the time. OmniVest does the work for you. It automatically selects the best Signals every day from our best Strategies, maintaining the level of investment and risk that you choose. It’s easy to see why investors and traders alike are so excited about this new platform.

We sell Strategies like NSP-41 and RTM7 for $1,500 to $3,000 for use in OmniTrader, our advanced trading platform. If you were to purchase ALL the Strategies in OmniVest, it would cost well over $100,000 - But there is no need to do that, because you can subscribe to the ones you want for as little as $25 per Strategy! See our Pricing Page for more details.

The number of Strategies you use will depend on the size of your Account(s) and how diversified you want to be.  At any subscription level (1 Strategy, 2 Strategies, etc.) you are free to review all the Strategies running in the platform and select any you want, at any time. Many of our Strategies have been individually measured at over 70% Accurate and have shown the ability to produce consistent gains over time.

Create a FREE Demo Account and Discover OmniVest for yourself.

The best way to determine how many Strategies you need is to create a free DEMO Account. Explore ALL the Strategies, build your own Portfolios and see all the trades that would have been selected along with the historical performance. Track performance daily and watch OmniVest as it grows a paper account.  When you're ready to engage the market, it takes seconds to subscribe.

Total Automation

… because you have better things to do with your time.

Software for investment management especially portfolio investment management

Once you select the Strategies you want to trade, you will get a list of Buy and Sell orders each day, making it easy to enter your trades with any broker. 

We offer another option that enables FULLY AUTOMATIC trading, called The Trade Processor. Use the Trade Processor to automatically manage your trades with one of our supported brokers.  This option enables you to leave your account on auto-pilot and do the things you really want to do in life.

Ready to get started? Open your FREE DEMO Account now. Call us at 1-800-880-0338 if you have questions or click the Live Chat button on this page.

**Results shown illustrate the effects of staying invested by comparing the effect of trading a Portfolio of Strategies vs. a Single Strategy. As with all historical simulations and even real records of actual trades, past performance is not a guarantee of future results.